Globalization and the international war on terrorism


Conspiracy or is the Amero currency a reality in the near future?

amerocoins4.jpeg.jpegIn recent years, the merge of the Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. currency has been a hard to negate theory, due to the present news reports concerning economics with the fear of a global market meltdown in the coming years. Some who study international politics believe this would be the best decision with the interest of the citizens as a priority, however there are others who can discern and disseminate the true intentions behind what the so-called elites (International Bankers) deem necessary to prevent the most catastrophic events in world history created by them. Their deceptive rhetoric of diplomacy is the reason many nations continue to suffer and fail to realize that we may be headed towards a one world government and here is why?

The North American Leaders Summit
636028132069264973-ap-obama-us-canada-mexico-83000646.jpegPresident Obama, the Canadian Prime Minister, and the Mexican President met on June 29, 2016 to discuss plans to make the global trade market better. The events of the past few years until now is a testament to what is being planned and how these events correlate with the overall agenda of global economy and government. The recent events of the British exile from the EU (brexit) is an example of how the elite may use this situation as leverage to intervene and provide guidance and stability to them using fear mongering tactics against the other nations with the threat of a global collapse. There has been no negotiations for the British to remain in the UK as of yet, but this move has effected the economy worldwide. This situation plays into their hands with Donald Trump (Trump card) being another major tool to accelerate their agenda with his recent controversial statements about immigration and building a wall to stop it. This covers economic issues foreign and domestic with the problem, reaction, solution method as their blueprint. Don’t take my words verbatim; instead research the definition of TPP and NAFTA to discover how hypocritical political leaders are and how they never really follow through with anything implemented. These are the rules of politics.

The Age Old War On Terrorism

rtx2is3c.jpegSeptember 11, 2001 changed the course of history and the world hasn’t been the same since then. This information is for those individuals who can use critical thinking to connect the dots or fit the pieces of the puzzle together. The so-called war on terrorism is at the pinnacle of success by convincing the world the boogey man actually exist, when in reality the image or face of terror is orchestrated by the progenitors of fear themselves. These are the cowards and masters of deception who operate behind the scenes to bring about the New World Order (NWO). Let’s take a look at a brief timeline of tragic events leading up until now.

  • Brussels bombings-March 22, 2016
  • Orlando nightclub shooting-June 12, 2016
  • Istanbul airport attack-June 28, 2016
  • Bangladesh hostage crisis-July 1, 2016
  • Baghdad bomb attack-July 3, 2016

These are examples of drills or exercises presented to accelerate the end game scenario, which is to have a reduced, controlled and dumbed-down population. Please share your thoughts on this…are political figures necessary for change and are moving towards a better global economy or is there something more sinister at work?


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